"Recreational Diving Oasis with Artificial Reefs" 

An innovative approach to enhance and restore marine biodiversity, support maritime
tourism and promote sustainable inclusive Blue Growth  in the Mediterranean Sea

Artificial Reefs (ARs) are human-made structures that mimic natural reefs creating new habitats and shelters for marine life. It is widely accepted that snorkellers and divers prefer biological attributes of the marine environment and they show higher preference for fish abundance and fish size over corals.

The establishment of Marine Diving Parks with ARs favours biological productivity thus enhancing local populations of fish and invertebrates especially in biologically depleted areas of the seabed.

As the trend of creating Recreational Diving Parks increases globally, the appeal of ARs is critical for their ability to attract marine ecotourism but also to divert visitor pressure from natural reefs.

ARIA's innovative ARs technologies offer a unique solution in designing and constructing "Underwater Recreational Diving Oases", providing a wide range of environmental services and offering durable socio-economic benefits to the tourism industry.

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