who we are

costas dounas

He is working as a Research Director at HCMR-IMBBC. His research focuses on marine biodiversity, marine ecology and ecosystem management, marine technology, artificial habitats development. He has been member of the National Advisory Board of Research & Technology (2001-2004). Project scientific responsible of numerous European and National R&D projects (81). Author of 71 international scientific publications and more than 70 announcements in national and international conferences. Inventor of 6 National and international patents has been awarded by OBI for his contribution to the technological development of Greece (2002).

Ioannis Bras studied in the United Kingdom with a postgraduate specialization in Project Management and experience in Risk Management in the closure of nuclear reactors.

He has worked in the development of real estate, shopping malls and new investment projects, as well as in the provision of specialized Project Management Consulting Services. For six years he was the head of the Heraklion Port Authority SA as President and CEO and also the Vice President of the Hellenic Ports Association. He has significant experience in the field of Cruise Development and has won 21 awards to date.

He is also an external advisor to the Ministry of Tourism for Cruise development and has assisted in the development of the Greek cruise health protocols and is actively assisting ports around the world with their ReStart processes.  

He is the founder of Five Senses Consulting and also specializes in Digital Destination Marketing Projects. He is also a founding member of the Cruise Professional Advisors Alliance (CPAA).

thanos dailianis

Marine biologist (MSc, PhD) with a research focus on the biology of marine invertebrates, biodiversity, and ecosystem ecology through integrative approaches. An avid technical diver and coordinator of scientific surveys and field experiments, with more than 1000 logged dives for scientific research. Expert underwater photographer and videographer. 

yolanda koulouri

Marine biologist (MSc, PhD). Currently working as a Senior Researcher at Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. Research focuses on marine biodiversity, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Ocean Literacy. Published > 40 peer-reviewed articles, educational editions and > 60 communications in conferences. She has actively participated in > 40 European and national projects.  She has also broad experience on project logistics management.


The Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology & Aquaculture (IMBBC) is one of the three Institutes of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR). It is based in Thalassocosmos, Crete. With a staff of 136 people and 27 regular researchers, it undertakes research in marine biodiversity, genetics and genomics, and aquaculture. In the area of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Management, activities include collection, collation and diffusion of marine biodiversity data, ,dissemination of innovative technological achievements and development of innovative products and services for the protection and sustainable management of marine biodiversity and ecosystems. In the area of Genetics and Μolecular Βiotechnology, activities include genomics and transcriptomics; gene expression; microbial diversity and environmental genomics, genotype-phenotype associations and gene mapping in target species. In the area of Aquaculture, activities are directed to the study of fish physiology, nutrition, behavior, health and welfare of marine fishes with potential for aquaculture production.