What We DO

ARIA is a spin-off company of the Institute of Marine Biology, Biotechnology & Aquaculture of the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research.

ARIA is constantly searching to develop innovative solutions for the construction of Recreational Diving Infrastructures in an effective, eco-friendly, sustainable, cost-efficient and profitable way.

Based on R&D experience of HCMR, ARIA is a strong and reliable partner for your most ambitious projects.

We offer  a customised approach to our services, products and partners

  • We support our customers across the design, development, optimisation, manufacturing and implementation of recreational diving parks as well as free underwater artificial diving attraction projects.
  • We provide advice and technical support for all or part of the ecological, engineering, construction expert work.
  • As each project has its own solution, ARIA is constantly innovating by adapting its technologies to any specific environmental seascape and by using all required additional expertise.
  • ARIA partnerships include a complete package of all necessary technical, industrial and scientific collaborations.

"Recreational Diving Oasis with Artificial ReefsTM” BENEFITS

  • ARIA's artificial reefs mimic the form and the aesthetics of natural rocky seascapes while fully retaining or even excelling their functionality;
  • They protect and enhance biodiversity by providing new substrates and shelters for large benthic and benthopelagic organisms (e.g. groupers, lobsters, etc);
  • Create suitable conditions for the installation of Recreational Diving Parks and Free Underwater Artificial Attractions;
  • Can be installed near large tourist/urban centres offering easy access and control while providing safety and immediate intervention in case of accident and saving time and fuel;
  • Enhance professional and recreational fisheries;  
  • Provide a mean to manage coastal activities and reduce conflicts;
  • Promote ecotourism education and citizen-science activities, while offering entertainment and exercise; 
  • Can create maritime tourism diving networks thus promoting business and services relevant to the Blue economy.


Institutional: regional and local authorities in charge with coastal planning, fisheries, tourism and the marine environment; marine research; MPAs.

Social and economic: professional fisheries associations, aquaculture, recreational fishing, boating, marinas, diving centres, diving schools and underwater activities, Chambers of Commerce, tourism operators and entrepreneurs, investors, tourism brokers, tourism facilities and service providers. 

Technical and environmental: science, education and training in marine sciences, sustainable marine tourism, coastal management and marine spatial planning; conservation and nature NGOs.

HCMR INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATION IN the underwater biotechnological park of Crete 

Maritime transport and deployment of experimental artificial reefs in the Underwater Biotechnology Park Of Crete (www.ubpcrete.hcmr.gr)